19 марта 2008

Доставка видео под IIS-ом - "Самое Разное"

На блоге разработчиков IIS появился анонс модуля Bit Rate Throttling (Детали)

с следующими возможностями:

The key features that constitute V 1.0 of Bit Rate Throttling are:

Automatically reads the encoded bit rate information from each defined media file type
Per-response bandwidth limiting on progressive downloads for every connection
Throttling rules are configurable at the server, site, virtual directory, and file levels
Fast Start experience for end users
Extensible to add support for other media and file formats
Fully integrated into the IIS7 administration and configuration models
Set default and maximum throttling rates, and concurrent connection limits
NEW - Dynamically adjust throttling to account for any available bandwidth as per a configured value (watch out for another post on this shortly)

Также у Скотта Гутерье выложен пост с описанием процесса пошаговой настройки модуля

Скотт Гутерье о релизе Bit Rate Throttling 1.0

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