06 марта 2008

Баян- напоминание - asp.net: code expressions - "Самое Разное"

Фокус на манер фрагмента ниже:

public class CodeExpressionBuilder : ExpressionBuilder { public override CodeExpression GetCodeExpression(BoundPropertyEntry entry, object parsedData, ExpressionBuilderContext context) {
return new CodeSnippetExpression(entry.Expression); }}

To use it, or any custom ExpressionBuilder for that matter, you must register it in the web.config expressionBuilders section. Now... how you do this part sort of depends on how your project is setup. If you have a standard ASP.NET Web Site project, then you will be defining the CodeExpressionBuilder class in the app_code directory, and the "type" will just be "CodeExpressionBuilder". However, if you are creating a Web Application Project (read about it here), then the CodeExpressionBuilder is just another class in your project, with its own namespace. For that you will need to define the whole type string (or, if you define it in a reusable library, you'll need the fully qualified type and assembly name). In my case that is "Infinity.Web.Compilation.CodeExpressionBuilder". Like this:

And to see it in action:


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