20 февраля 2012


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И это за один день...

У Львові на вулиці Городоцькій – аварія на водогоні. Залізничний район без води
У Львові на вул. Героїв УПА – аварія на водогоні. Частина Львова без води


16 февраля 2012

С такими идеями - "торпедировать бизнес" будет иметь другое значение :)

Because of the United States' current immigration and regulatory regime, bold and creative entrepreneurs from around the world aren’t given the chance to come to Silicon Valley and develop the technologies that could be creating jobs and propelling the economy forward.

Blueseed aims to solve this problem so that Silicon Valley remains the world’s center for innovation. Our team, backed by PayPal founder Peter Thiel, is creating a high-tech visa-free entrepreneurship and technology incubator on an ocean vessel in international waters. Our facilities will be a short ferry ride away from Silicon Valley so that great ideas and talent from around the world can live, work, and play while having convenient access to the San Francisco Bay Area. We will provide a customized environment centered around smart, proven, cost-effective legal best practices, and modern living and work accommodations.

When launched, Blueseed will enable countless great ideas and talented individuals to test themselves in the hotbed of Silicon Valley. With our incubator, startups and individuals will also get a chance to establish the connections and capital necessary to move their operations onto land if they so choose.

Silicon Valley needs to bring in great talent, and all of us benefit when great people and ideas come together to drive innovation. We hope you will join us when we set sail.

Источник: http://www.blueseed.co/

09 февраля 2012

Київського бієнале сучасного мистецтва <>


Чим далі від школи тим цікавіше стає Українська мова....

05 февраля 2012


Порадовала надпись на десктопе паренька с рабочим местом под экскалатором:
"Едешь на своем экскалаторе? и едь себе. Молча. "

What to do?

you have site designed in a dark theme, saying dark background, white font.
By default google toolbar autocomplete cracks html for inputs or selects containg "email" "name" "address" and other buzzwords and changes background to yellow. As a result when visitor fills form, he enters text as white on yellow and can not easy validate his input
What to do?



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