05 октября 2007

Домашняя лаборатория - ваш собственный server side видео подкаст - на примере blip.tv


You are looking for free video hosting with extended API capabilities: at least allow your own site to upload videos on a server side, and present them on your site neither as FLV flash player or other kind of player.

Solution: blip.tv services

0. Advanced concept : with NOTIFY

  1. Site accepts video and stores it locally on a server

Saying clock.avi

  1. Now site somehow should identify following data:

Movie length

Movie type

And correctly form





<title>test movie</title>

<director>test movie</director>




<file name="clock.avi" source="original">






  1. Now site should initiate process of uploading video to bliptv video hosting:

Create directory named clock on a remote site:


And upload there files prepared above


  1. After upload completes blip.tv should be notified that video uploaded by calling special URL:


Simple concept: without notify:

File is uploaded to FTP, and is posted once FTP connection is dropped

Site than monitors http://account.blip.tv/rss to locate information necessary to playback the file:



Once necessary data about uploaded file are explored, it can be embedded directly into client site:


Through any javascript player control accepting FLV media.


Conclusion: blip.tv at present moment provides best options for your site to control server side video publishing. Please note, that you might get flv video back on your own site, and delete original video from blip.tv; However I find this is not a kind use of great blip.tv service



Это как бы proof of concept - не составляет труда проделать описанное выше серверным скриптом. Радует, что появились сервисы предлагающие такие операции AS IS. Пока что blip.tv идентифицирован как единственный freeware сервер, предоставляющий такой сервис.

Условия лицензионного соглашения - контент должен быть авторским.

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