21 августа 2008

rss 2 f2b

Киевский товарищ r8 навел на прикольный изврат:

(реализация на питоне)

Converting RSS feeds (taking from OPML file or simple text file with list inside) into fb2 book/books. fb2 books can be easily viewed on LBook V3 (Hanlin V3) reader, etc

feeds2fb2 converter has a few options - images in posts can be enabled/disabled, output file can be zipped or not, etc.

Сразу видно - тяжелая дорога на работу в метро :)))

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you have site designed in a dark theme, saying dark background, white font.
By default google toolbar autocomplete cracks html for inputs or selects containg "email" "name" "address" and other buzzwords and changes background to yellow. As a result when visitor fills form, he enters text as white on yellow and can not easy validate his input
What to do?



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